About Us

About Us

Who We Are?

Smart Hospital, founded under the flagship of Sahyog Hospital, professes the ideology of ‘for the people and by the people'. We aim to serve with specialized medical care at an affordable cost. As private health care providers, we stand apart from others by creating an integrated Health Care System that Fosters, Protects, Sustains, and Restores Health through best-in-class medical practices accessible to people in rural and remote areas. Every staff member working at Smart Hospital, from doctors, nurses to the management team, is united to render exceptional health care service to all.


To evolve as a center of medical excellence in India that provides the best private healthcare experience at an affordable cost available to one and all.

Our Vision

To evolve as a benchmark in quality health care service assisted by in-depth and state of the art technology which is accessible and affordable to all.

Our Mission

  • To deliver world-class patient care service
  • Provide care with utmost compassion and integrity
  • To become the Number One choice for every citizen in medical need
  • Be an active member in the local community that contributes to its overall wellbeing and development
  • Easy accessibility to health care through community outreach programs

Facilities We Provide

Strategically located at the borders of Metropolitan City and spans across 15000 sq. feet

Multispecialty– Cardiology, Dentistry, Gynecology, Oncology, Urology, Physiotherapy, Cosmetic Surgery etc.

70 Highly Experienced Medical Professionals

Core Values

The stronghold value system of Smart Hospital is founded on three pillars– Service, Compassion, and Integrity.

Priortize Patients

Accessible & Affordable Service

Ethical Practices

Mutual Trust

Excellent Teamwork