Best Nephrology Hospital in Delhi NCR, India

The department of Nephrology and Renal Transplant ensures best medical treatment for diabetes, hypertension and chronic glomeruli-nephritis that may lead to permanent impairment of renal functions resulting to dialysis and renal transplantation.

Preventive Nephrology The service aims at providing preventive measures against diseases like diabetes and hypertension that are essentially an epidemic in our society.

Therapeutic Nephrology An essential service that relieves the patient from mental pain and stress that might occur during or after the renal treatment.

Range of Services

Dialysis An inherent unit of this department, Dialysis is well equipped with cutting edge technology, latest device, and reverse osmosis water plant. The unit runs 24*7 to render best possible treatment to the patients with renal issues.

Peritoneal Dialysis This is an addition to haemodialysis facility that provides bedside Peritoneal dialysis and Continuous ambulatory dialysis (CAPD).

Renal Transplant Unit Backed up by fully equipped modern Operation Theaters the Renal Transplant unit has all monitoring equipment, sophisticated barrier nursing and Renal Intensive Unit for immediate Care of renal transplant cases.