Health Care Facilitator

Diabetes Educator

The Native American Community Health Center, Inc. The initial funding was a grant from Indian Health Service.

Physician Assistant

The physician-PA relationship is fundamental to the profession and enhances the delivery of high-quality health care.

Surgeon Assistant

An assistant surgeon, assistant in surgery, physicians as assistants at surgery, surgeon assistant, first assistant or surgical assistant assists with a surgical operation under the direction of a surgeon.

Gynecology assistant

Gynecologist assistants perform various patient care and administrative tasks for medical staffs that specialize in women's health issues.

Pediatric assistant

Pediatric physician assistants (or PAs) work in clinics, community health centers, and hospitals. Under the supervision of a pediatrician, these PAs provide care to children and adolescents.


  • Module 1: Work Ethics
  • Module 2: Day-to-day Patient Care
  • Module 3: Prescription Reading/Explaining
  • Module 4: Symptoms Assessment / and further presentation
  • Module 5: Physician Assistance
  • Module 6: Gynaecologist Assistance
  • Module 7: Assessment of Critical Signs
  • Module 8: Insulin Administration
  • Module 9: Hypoglycemia Management
  • Module 10: Home Care Assistance for Bed Ridden Patients
  • Module 11: I/M TT/Rabipur Administration
  • Module 12: Minor Dressing
  • Module 13: Discharge Assistance
  • Module 14: Medical Records Management
  • Module 15: Data Management
  • 100 Hrs of Teaching
  • 300 Hrs of Hands on Experience


₹ 25000.00/-


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