Best Dietetics & Nutrition Hospital in Ghaziabad

Your wellness begins here!

A dedicated team of dieticians build nutrition awareness, provide detailed counselling sessions to the patients and leave them with life-altering experiences in terms of lifestyle management. The department of dietetics is well-equipped with the most advanced knowledge, human resource and technologies to conduct a holistic nutritional and dietary assessment, counselling and education programs.

Our experts provide hand-hold guidance to the clients, provide them bespoke dietary solutions that involves both traditional and alternative ways of leading a mindful and healthy life.

Our Services

  • Anthropometric measurements & Nutritional Evaluation
  • Dietary Intake Analysis
  • Dietary & Nutritional counseling
  • Planning of dietary meals
  • Diet regimen for diabetic cases
  • Weight Management programs
  • Nutrition Management
  • Management of Eating Disorders
  • Detoxification
  • Diet modification in Cancer
  • Dietary plans for children
  • Dietary plans for athletes and body builders
  • Wellness Programs
  • Weight management & Lifestyle Modification
  • Dietary modifications in pre and post Multi organ transplant