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Smart Hospital, founded under the flagship of Sahyog Hospital, professes the ideology of ‘for the people and by the people'. We aim to serve with specialized medical care at an affordable cost. As private health care providers, we stand apart from others by creating an integrated Health Care System that Fosters, Protects, Sustains, and Restores Health through best-in-class medical practices accessible to people in rural and remote areas. Every staff member working at Smart Hospital, from doctors, nurses to the management team, is united to render exceptional health care service to all.

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Our Departments

Thyroid Related Disorders


Diagnosis and treatment of the digestive system disorders.

Geriatic Medicine

Comprehensive medical care for the elderly improving their health and well-being.


Preventive, diagnostic, treatment and follow-up care of patients with heart disease. Prevention and treatment of cholesterol related conditions contributing to heart disease.

Infectitious Diseases

Treating and preventing the spread of infectious diseases like Dengue, Malaria, Viral Fever.

Renal Diseases

Diagnosis and treatments of patients with common kidney diseases.


Comprehensive treatment for conditions affecting lungs and breathing like asthma,COPD.

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